“U” is the unit of weight. 2U stands for 90-94.9 grams, 3U stands for 85-89.9 grams, 4U stands for 80-84.9 grams, and 5U stands for 75-79.9 grams (all are unstrung weight).


VICTOR releases new grip indicator in 2013, provides consumers an easier way to select the racket that best suits their needs.


Tension, divided into lateral line H and vertical line V tension, is the safety factor of a racket frame, the maximum poundage that can be safety reached when a racket is strung. For example, H≤30lb V≤28lb means that, when a racket is strung, the highest lateral line tension is 30 lb and the highest vertical line tension is 28 lb.


The racket balance point is the distance from the front sleeve to the fulcrum, the higher the value the heavier the head is (HH), and the smaller the value the lighter the head (HL).


The stiffness of the shaft affects the feeling when you play badminton. When a soft racket (shaft) is used, the shuttlecock stays on the racket face for a longer time and is easier to control. Soft rackets are suited for use by beginners. When a stiff racket hits a shuttlecock, accuracy and efficiency of power delivery are better than with a soft racket; stiff rackets are best used only by advanced players.


The Response Indicator is classified into 10 levels which shows on the racket’s shaft. The dot closes left side with stiff response, while right side with flexible response.